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Monday, March 30, 2009

Videos to watch on YouTube

Format: No.)Title-Artiste

Top 6 Videos:
1)If I Were A Girl Parody- DaveDays
2)Word Of The Day: Pwned- Nigahiga
3)Movies In Minutes: Twilight- Nigahiga
4)Why Chris Brown Beat Up Rihanna- Nigahiga
5)7 Things Miley Cyrus Parody- DaveDays
6)Validated Hugh Newman-(Unknown Artiste)

Top 3 OK Vids:
1)How To Be A Ninja- Nigahiga
2)The Llama Song- (Unknown Artiste)
3)Taiwan Political Fights

Worst Video Eva!!:
1)Movies In Minutes- Nigahiga

Most Cool Videos:
1) Bob The Retarded Hobo
2) SausageMan Hip-Hop Dance Competition
3) Peanut and Jeff Dunham/ Walter and Jeff Dunham

HAve FUN!!!!!!!!!!

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