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Friday, May 8, 2009

4 The Ppl who use facebook,
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Wednesday, April 29, 2009

My Compo!!!! taken from....look at the tags!!

Raphael Yee (Compo 3)

I spun my head from side to side. It was like a burning furnace in the toilet. After putting my grandmother on the floor to rest, I began stuffing wet toilet papers underneath the door. The smell of carbon filled the air, choking the rest of the stranded and unlucky diners of the El Salvadore Restaurant. I started blocking the gaps underneath the door while a tall, skinny man, who appeared to be a doctor, helped to pat my grandmother’s head with cold water.It all started when we were celebrating grandmother’s seventy-fifth birthday.“Happy Birthday to you!” We all shouted as my grandmother blew out the candles. With smiles on our faces, we started giving presents, red packets and some snacks that our grandmother liked to her. Her face lit up as she saw the amount of cookies and tarts we passed to her.“How’s the food? I see you’ve moved on to the cake cutting!” The restaurant’s head chef asked. His eyes twinkled as he awaited for Grandma Ellie’s answer.“Ka-blam!” Something in the kitchen door exploded. I crept towards it silently. I noticed that there was smoke seeping out of the gap above the door.“Stop” I shouted, as the chef was about to open the door.To my dismay, the chef swung open the door. Flames began to crawl out of the kitchen, engulfing the poor chef in flames. I shuddered as I watched the scene unfold before my eyes. It was like an “M18 horror-thriller movie” in the cinema. In a few seconds, the chef dropped to the ground, half conscious. Although he looked as dead as a fish out of water, I knew he was alive as I could see his fingers twitch.It was then that I realized my family was signaling for me and my grandmother to escape but a pile of burning wood stood in our way. The flames blazed with “life”. It waved like it was dancing. The bright, warm glow of the flames dimmed and suddenly brightened to a bright, almost whitish glow. It flickered like the lights on an emergency vehicle. The flames spread fast, burning and devouring everything in its path.By now, I realised that the chef had no chance of survival because the smoke got heavier and billowed heavily. The smoke turned from a clear, blackish gas to a black ash-filled cloud.I reached for Grandma Ellie and we both hid under a table.“8.05pm. If I call for the fire brigade now, they would be here by 8.15pm!” I thought as I dialed for 995.It was five minutes before I plucked up my courage and started to head for a safe place, the toilet. I grabbed a napkin and gave it to my grandmother to cover her nose. We crawled to the toilet as fast as we could.For a seventy-five year old lady, she sure could crawl! We scuttled left and right before we reached the toilet. My heart raced as I could see flames rushing quickly to me!Grandma Ellie and I got up and pushed the toilet door. It was stuck! “Thump, Thump, Thump!” My heart pounded as the flames neared us. A flashback appeared before me. My mind ran into a train of thoughts.Suddenly, my grandmother fainted. I fell into a dark pit. I was drowning in a ‘sea’ of smoke. My eyes burned as the smoke covered my eyes. I gritted my teeth. Fear ran through my mind, stabbing my heart like a double-edged sword. Perspiration ran down my cheeks. I carried my grandmother in my arms and shouted for the toilet door to open. As if God answered my prayer, the door swung open. A tall, skinny man helped me lay my grandmother on the floor.While I blocked the gaps under the door with toilet paper, the man started patting my grandmother’s head with cold water. I began to feel nauseous and dizzy. It was like my whole world was spinning. My vision blurred. I fainted.“Owww!!!” I screamed as I got out of the hospital bed. It was moments after that the doctor rushed in and explained to me that I was rescued together with my grandmother by the fire brigade. Although I suffered a few burns, I was alright to be discharged the next day.I was glad both grandma and I managed to escape unscathed. I was sure God’s angels were with us on that fateful day.

Saturday, April 25, 2009

Well, its been a freaking long time since I blogged. Finally got something off my chest and I feel happy abt it...worried abt the Mock Exam.....ARGH! Anywayz, I'm hoping to get a place in the Talent Academy at SOTA....sigh!!

Monday, March 30, 2009

Model Compo:

Source: www.62sajs2009.blogspot.com

Here's A Compo My Friend Did:
Kennede's Essay:
It was a sunny afternoon. The sun shone down on us and the heat was unbearable. My friends and I were walking to towards a music store just after we had seen the latest blockbuster. I looked into my wallet and all I saw was a mere two dollar note.
When we reached the music store, I saw the latest music CD by my favorite artiste. I looked at the price-tag. My heart sank immensely as I did not have enough cash to purchase it. I then walked towards my friends. I saw them grabbing the music CD’s and stuffing them into their bags. I was tongue-tied.
“What are you doing?” I asked stuttering.
“Never mind what we are doing,” he whispered, “Just grab that CD which you have been longing for and go!”
I was hesitant. I thought to myself, “Should I, or should I not?” My conscience was bugging me, one side of me told me to steal, but another part was pulling me back. I was in a dilemma, but in the end, I let temptation get the better of me. I reached my hand out and felt butterflies in my stomach. When I touched the disc, I could feel the tension coming from my hand. A sudden chill ran down my spine.
“Just get on with it!” One of my friends prompted, not aware of his volume.
“Be quiet! Someone might hear us.” I whispered anxiously.
Then, we heard footsteps coming from the opposite side of the shelf. All of us panicked in fear of being caught by the shop keeper. Then one of the CD’s accidentally fell out from my friend’s bag.
“Who’s there?” The shop keeper hollered.
My other friends rushed out of the store, abandoning me. I was dumbfounded. It was then that the shop keeper spotted me clutching something in my hands. Upon seeing the CD in my friend’s bag next to me, he suspected me of stealing all of the CDs.
I begged him not to call the police. He did not budge at first until he saw how pitiful I was and decided to hear my explanation. After clearing the misunderstanding, he told me not to mix around with my so-called friends anymore. I was very grateful and thanked him profusely.

Videos to watch on YouTube

Format: No.)Title-Artiste

Top 6 Videos:
1)If I Were A Girl Parody- DaveDays
2)Word Of The Day: Pwned- Nigahiga
3)Movies In Minutes: Twilight- Nigahiga
4)Why Chris Brown Beat Up Rihanna- Nigahiga
5)7 Things Miley Cyrus Parody- DaveDays
6)Validated Hugh Newman-(Unknown Artiste)

Top 3 OK Vids:
1)How To Be A Ninja- Nigahiga
2)The Llama Song- (Unknown Artiste)
3)Taiwan Political Fights

Worst Video Eva!!:
1)Movies In Minutes- Nigahiga

Most Cool Videos:
1) Bob The Retarded Hobo
2) SausageMan Hip-Hop Dance Competition
3) Peanut and Jeff Dunham/ Walter and Jeff Dunham

HAve FUN!!!!!!!!!!

Sunday, March 29, 2009

My B'day Wishlist

I know some of u guys wanna know my B'day wishlist...well, here it is:

1)At least ONE of my frens to accept JESUS as Lord!!
2)Tze An to STOP W.O.W For Good!
3)A camera(proffesional)
4)A laptop
5)Ang Pao(I'm saving up for a HTC Touch Diamond)
6)Xbox 360
9)Manga Bible
10)Music Albums!!!

Friday, March 13, 2009

Watch the Vids...

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